FULL EDIT  (home visit)

FULL EDIT (home visit)

Do you have clothes to wear but yet don't feel satisfied with your options? Are you wanting to simplify your life, save money and make smarter purchases? Do you need direct style advice about what pieces to let go of? Do you need expert advice on what clothing to buy for your body type and lifestyle??  I would love to help you purge, organize and create a wardrobe that will save you time & money. Most of all I want you to truly love getting dressed every day! I work as a team with my clients from the beginning to ensure I understand their exact needs, all while being direct and knowledgable to have a successful outcome. You will feel confident in your wardrobe and learn how to maintain your wardrobe goals. *Pricing sarts at $300.00. Contact me for Pricing.


This service is for Men I  Women  I  Teens (start them off right)


*children's pricing might varry depending on size.

* Ladies don't forget the men in your lives!

 This is a great gift for 








This session is typically 5 - 7 hours.