My tips on how to SHOP SMARTER.

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Ask yourself these questions when considering a new item:

Do I love how I look & Feel?

Do I have 4 or more items to pair this with?

Does it fit my personal style?

Is the fabric long lasting?

Have I looked at other stores?

Will I remember and still want this item in 1 week?


Don't pass by unfamiliar items, try them on you could be surprised, it always takes a few wears to get comfortable with a new style or trend.

Do Not buy items just because they are on sale/clearance!

Factor in cost per wear on investment pieces.

Shop with focus and intention, know before you go what you are looking for.


Lower distractions by shopping in the best conditions.

Consider the following:

Hunger- Don't try and shop when you are hungry.

Children- If children inhibit shopping don't take them, find a sitter or swap childcare with someone.

Time- Shopping on a time limit is good but you don't want to feel rushed, allow a good time window.

Self-esteem- Shop when you feel good about yourself, try not to go if you are you are feeling extra negative about yourself or a situation. for the ladies, shopping with pms isn't always fun either.

Non-clothing departments- Avoid getting distracted by looking or browsing in other areas of a store until you are done with the clothing area.

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