Best Mascara I've had yet!

Thrive Mascara has changed my life, I know this is a big statement to make about something as simple as mascara. Let me explain, with my skin tone I have darker areas around my eyes and I've always disliked it and wanted my eyes to feel brighter. Traditional mascara has always contributed to this problem causing the raccoon eyes that seem to linger even after all the cleansing was done. I have tried so many different eye makeup removing products and some were better than others, but none of them were as great or as easy as WATER alone! that's right all I use are the hands and water. The mascara glides right off of my lashes in little tube like pieces and its amazing. I feel like the skin around my eyes is no longer stained and there is no flaking, not to mention its waterproof if you don't rub your eyes. Ladies you need to try this, and last but not least it's vegan. They thought of everything.

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